As part of the fiscal cliff bargain reached by Congress and the Administration on New Year’s Day 2013, the 2008 Farm Bill was extended through September 30. The bad news is that for this year many programs to rebuild local food systems and strengthen stewardship incentives have lost full or partial funding. The good news is that an opportunity exists to produce a five-year Farm Bill that can address the many challenges facing the country’s food and farming systems.

Welcome to the Food Fight 2013

Watershed Media’s completely updated and revamped popular Farm Bill primer, Food Fight: The Citizen’s Guide to the Next Food and Farm Bill, is designed to maximize mainstream attention and democratic participation in this all important process.

Much has changed in the years since we released the first edition. Food Stamp enrollment has skyrocketed. Deep cuts have been made to conservation and now local food programs. Commodity prices have reached all-time highs, and millions of acres of grasslands and wetlands have been converted to soy and corn fields. Food Fight assesses the present state of food and farm policy by translating complex legislation for activists, media, concerned citizens, and policymakers new to the game.

It is more urgent than ever to broaden awareness of this issue among journalists, educators, politicians, and voters. We hope you will join us in reading and reviewing the book, getting the word out, and voting with your fork!

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Food Fight

The Citizen’s Guide to the Next
Food and Farm Bill


Written by Daniel Imhoff
Foreword by Michael Pollan
Intro by Fred Kirschenman


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